Jevie Lotion

Jevie lotion was developed after 32 years of research and development. We spent an extensive amount of time on our Jevie project among our other products and it was finally brought to the market. Twenty kinds of plant extracts by the water extraction with the minimal use of chemical substances are compounded in Jevie lotion. 

Pursuing a quality

Criteria for adopting raw materials are based on the history of their usage abroad. With these, the new lotion with the higher level than conventional extraction ingredients was created for the first time. Jevie lotion can be used from newborn babies to adults.

In the past 32 years I have developed various supplements and cosmetics for our company and others, but the development of Jevie lotion was the biggest challenge in my life. I wanted to excel all our company standards in the manufacturing of this lotion. Although I faced scientific difficulties and manufacturing cost problems in the development stage I continued pursuing the dream of new lotion I have never made. Finally I developed Jevie lotion after overcoming a number of difficulties.


The terms such as "natural", "organic" and "non-chemical" have been widely used in the cosmetic industry for the past 20 years around the world. We have paid a lot of money on the brand name, but if it dose not make any difference whether you pay more or less on the products containing chemical substances. Botanical plants would say "chemical is chemical" regardless of brand name.


Our customers can test Jevie lotion with their own hands and check quality from various angles.

Message from the developer


Doctor in Agriculture

Shahram Mesri


Company standard

1. Materials place a most importance on the place of origin for quality assurance.

2. We value the timing of harvesting.

3. Water extraction is mainly used when extracting raw materials. We use 5 times more raw materials than the extraction method using chemicals.

4. Combination of the materials are determined based on the theoretical botany. Our product concept is based on the botany theory.

* Our theory is based on the combination of old Greek health system  (the law of wellness that was developed in ancient Persia, Rome and the Egyptian region) and old Indian health sytem (it was developed in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka region).

5. We do not use artificial flagrance but use highly purified essential oils.

6. Research on raw materials and extraction methods evolves day by day. The quality of Jevie lotion will also be improved accordingly.

7.The degree of the “chemical” usage is evaluated by the condition of the seeds germination. Therefore our testing method is simple and easy for anyone to understand.

Seed germination testing procedure

1) Place a piece of tissue paper folded into a small dish depending on the size of the dish.

2) Soak the tissue paper lightly by pouring the lotion directly onto it.

3) Place 10 to 20 radish seeds on the tissue paper.

4) Cover the small dish with a plastic wrap to keep it humid.

5) Locate the small dish in the room for 2 to 3 days and observe how the seeds germinate.

Seed germination testing Procedure

Note) The optimum temperature for seed germination should be between 18 C to 27 C .

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